Sixt Nationwide All-Trades Reactive Support

Sixt Nationwide All-Trades Reactive Support


Reactive Maintenance is an area of business fraught with issues and hence cost to a business with multiple trading locations.  Sixt were looking for a new all-trades reactive maintenance provider to support business continuity within their UK property portfolio.  In addition, there was also a requirement to support them in the strategic transitioning from their previous supplier to ensure that they were not left with unknown issues that could cause a health & safety or commercial issue.

Sixt made it very clear that business continuity was of primary importance to both them and their clients.  This means that PPM has to not only deliver fast and effective service, but that the information flowing both ways is as effective as possible.  In order to support this, we set up an individual web portal incorporated into our main web-based management system.  This allowed the same look and feel as branches were traditionally used to using through the previous supplier.  This was backed up by a 365 call centre to ensure that if the branch wanted to talk to someone, someone was available.

In the world of reactive maintenance, real delivery KPI and reporting is key to support the relationship.  Our portal allows Sixt real-time access to each of their jobs and its status.  It also allows reporting at an aggregated level so that Sixt can review performance at any point in time in an open manner.  This allows clarity and openness of stats, performance, costs etc so that they can actively manage this area of the budget at the same pace that works are happening.

We further back this provision of information up by providing a service that checks site compliance on a number of issues that were close to the business i.e. asbestos registers.  Whenever we attend any site, the register is checked and it status recorded in the portal. This has been key in supporting H&S compliance within the business.

Commercially, we have supported Sixt by going open-book on base rates and agreeing a percentage margin for PPM that was mutually agreeable.  We further supplement this by estimating the cost on arrival of a reactive full-time fix versus a temporary repair (where possible) paired with a quoted small works fix.  This gives Sixt options based against either priority or cost depending on the urgency to the business.

Our commitment to selectively offering this service to dedicated clients hence controlling our delivery ability, together with our blend of communication, commercial control and a 94% delivery on-time-in-full rate means that our reactive maintenance service is an enhancement to our relationship, not a stumbling block.

If you are looking for a partner to support you with nationwide reactive maintenance and repair work, please contact us.