Signs you should have your roof cleaned....

Roof cleaning.  Why bother?  Out of sight and out of mind right?  If only that were the case with budgets and a poorly maintained or damaged roof will soon drain a budget leaving little for the other works you had planned.  Here are some tips and things to look for on your buildings to ensure you are not storing up a problem for the future.....

Roofs covered in debris tend to lead to eventual leaks.  Regardless of roofing type, debris will damage slates, tear membranes and block gutters

Moss on roofs leads to larger growths, holds moisture stopping a roof from draining or drying and stops roofs from breathing leading to internal condensation and damage to internals and membranes etc

Algae and black stains are similar to moss in that they prevent the roof covering from functioning as designed

Growth in the gutters indicate heavy sediment leading to added weight and the obvious issue of blockages to drains and down pipes, a particular issue if you have internal down pipes in your buildings

We can support you to keep your properties roofs clean, clear and functioning together with providing budget estimates for your properties over the coming 24 months to allow you to ensure that you are always in the position to keep your properties safe and dry.  Please give us a call to discuss how we can support.