Correct illumination keeps your clients, employees, customers, and the community safer and more secure when in and around your business. They also help clients find your premises and promote your corporate image to the buying public.  Failed lighting achieves the opposite, broadcasting a poorly maintained building and reducing your businesses reputation.

However like all areas of property maintenance, after some time they will need some attention to keep them functioning and safe. Regular maintenance will allow you to replace the bulbs in your lighting on a set schedule before they get the chance to fail whilst enabling you to upgrade the bulbs to more energy efficient units, saving you money and reducing cost.  In addition, regular maintenance gives the professionals a chance to spot defects or other problem areas before they become bigger issues, allowing you to address those concerns before they become they require more expensive repairs. 

Advances in LED technology could make upgrading an attractive option as this will extend the time between PPM visits and also create a brighter light for no additional installation costs.  They also fail less regularly maintaining your corporate image and reducing the need for site visits.

Likewise a simple clean and maintenance can make all of the difference, improving the available lighting and improving safety around your premises as well as rectifying corrosion issues and keeping your investment functioning as intended.

PPM provide a nationwide service that we can tie into other exterior PPM works maximising the use of access equipment and ensuring that your installed assets are operating as intended.  Please contact us to discuss how this could be coupled with a free exterior maintenance survey to really maximise your ROI.