An area to forget?  Tips to maintaining commercial building car parks

Why Garage Cleaning Is Important

Keeping a garage area or parking lot clean and free of debris not only preserves the safety of employees and clients, but it also improves the face of the businesses and people that use your commercial building. A dirty, poorly maintained car park is a quick indicator of a business that doesn’t care about the people who use the building. Plus, a well maintained, well lit car park can keep away common forms of damage, which helps to protect your investment and avoid costly repairs.

Basic Cleaning & Maintenance

Setting up a basic PPM routine within your parking area will not only promote your business but improve H&S and reduce reactive repair costs.

  • Set up routine litter removal. By removing standard litter on a daily basis, you boost the visual appeal of your business tremendously; this also adds a layer of defense against the presence of moss, moisture, and tripping hazards. Having clear and easy access to waste bins stationed around the lot will aid in this and reduce the time dedicated to cleaning.
  • Sweep every week. A thorough weekly sweep avoids dirt and grime buildup, making it easier and less costly to maintain the lot. For busier businesses, you might consider bumping it up to semi-weekly, particularly if you get a lot of vehicle traffic from both clients and employees.  Further, this will help to stop issues with blocked drains and reduce ponding water.
  • Inspect for damage. Ensure you have staff trained to look out for drainage damage, surface and tarmac damage, lighting inspection, bulb changes, and similar tasks. Lighting and damage repair are vital to safety and security.

Professional Cleaning  

After the basics are all set, you’ll want to set up a professional maintenance program. While sweeping and litter control can do a lot to maintain your lot or garage, stains and oil slicks will still cause problems over time. Professionals have the tools and training to handle this with both speed and efficiency, and outsourcing to get the job done can save you time and money.

Please contact us to see how we can help with a either individual PPM elements or a routine maintenance program.