Signs of a blocked gutter

Common Signs of Blocked Gutters

Gutters remove the volumes of water that come off your roof and remove them safely away from your building.  A blocked gutter can lead to water ingress, additional problems and almost certainly increased maintenance costs. So, how do you spot a blocked gutter?

Look Up – Visual Gutter Check

  • Where ever safe, start by looking up at your property (assuming it is not high-rise)
  • Can you see any obvious gutter blockage?
  • Is there water flowing over one point of the gutter?
  • Are there any drips coming from any point in the gutter?
  • Can I spot any rotting wood on the fascias?
  • Have I seen any animals or foliage in the guttering
  • Can I see any misshapen, bulged, or bending pipes?

Look Down and around – Visual Ground Level Check

  • Is there any splashback or muddy/wet areas at ground level under the gutters?
  • Are there cracks in the foundations?
  • Do I have any pointing or brickwork damage?
  • Is the exterior wall green, discoloured, or mouldy?

If you can answer "yes" to any of the above, you may have a gutter blockage.

What could happen with a blocked gutter?

Blocked gutters can cause a number of larger issues to your building:

  • Damage to soffit and fascia
  • Water ingress into the building
  • Damage to brickwork
  • Degradation of under-felt
  • Internal leaks and damage to internals


Prevention is Better than Cure

Despite these tips for spotting blocked gutters, it should be remembered that prevention is better than cure. PPM offer a Nationwide gutter cleaning service that includes a free roof survey that gives you a full, detailed report on the state of your gutters and roofing.  Our report even puts an expected time for failure and an estimated cost of repair so you can build up a profile of your budget needs in the future.  To understand how something as simple as a gutter clean can give you powerful information to control your costs, contact us.