Protect your building against.....Birds.

If your buildings are near the coast, you will know the damage that birds cause to a building.  What do you do about stopping birds from making a roost of your commercial building? 

Why Does Bird Proofing Matter?

Droppings present an aesthetic issue and can do considerable harm to many or most materials, which is a very large factor to consider. But more importantly, they can impact the health of employees and clients.  In addition, bird droppings deter potential clients from going near your buildings.  

Birds have been shown to carry a wide array of diseases and you are especially suseptable if you have roof-top ware tanks. Birds can also create fire hazards by building nests in areas exposed to electrical wiring, hot bulbs, or HVAC equipment. A bird-prevention plan is very cost-efficient, and the process can and should be handled in two ways.

Long-Term Prevention Methods

The ideal method of handling birds and keeping them well away from your business is to seek long-term prevention via bird-proofing products that are cheap to procure and easy to instal. There are quite a few options that have been developed. You can choose from:

  • Bird netting. Netting create an area of no-access for birds, completely blocking them from gaining entry into the installed area. These are typically utilized in tandem with other bird-proof options and are excellent for covering exposed warehouses, outdoor eating areas, and other outdoor semi-enclosed spaces.
  • Bird deterrent spikes. Blunted stainless-steel spikes installed in strips along rooftops, window areas, and other common bird roosts prevents them from landing and thus denies them the ability to hole up and settle in. The spikes aren’t typically dangerous to the birds, either, so you needn’t worry about actually harming them.
  • Shock wire. Electrified strips installed in common landing areas are exceptionally efficient and effective. These strips deliver a gentle but firm jolt to birds attempting to land, leaving them unharmed but very disinterested in your building.

Simple Steps to Take to Bird-Proof Your Building

There are also a few things you can do on your end to mitigate birds and make your business a less attractive place to make home. Be sure to:

  • Discourage feeding them. Everyone likes a free meal, but the only thing that tends to stick around more than a cat might be birds. If yours is a considerable bird issue it’s probably worth putting up signs discouraging employees and clients from feeding local birds near your business.
  • Keep adequate waste removal in place. Trash and leavings can encourage birds, giving them materials for making nesting and possible food as well. Ensure covered trash cans are available and clearly visible around your business to discourage rubbish being available to birds and making your property more attractive to nest near